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Pet Dentistry in Lake Forest

The oral health of your pet is more important than you may know.

Numerous physiological systems can be impacted by dental illness, which can also cause poor breath and oral pain. Studies have revealed that by the age of three, dental disease affects 70% of cats and 80% of dogs. Bad breath and oral pain are obvious signs of dental disease, but numerous physiological systems can also be impacted by dental disease. The liver, kidneys, and heart of a pet may be impacted when inflammation or infection from the mouth enters the bloodstream.

To help avoid periodontal disease, we suggest yearly dental checkups and cleanings. Infections and damaged teeth that require extraction can result from periodontal disease. Dental radiographs of your pet’s teeth will also be taken in order to check for any underlying issues. While the visible crown appears to be in perfect condition, dental disease is frequently present behind the gum line.

Pet Dentistry